Inside The Mobile Phone

Post & Tele Museum, Copenhagen - 2013

Inside The Mobile Phone is an interactive exhibition at the Post & Tele Museum in Copenhagen. The exhibition is designed as an immersive experience where you, the visitor, can play your way to new knowledge about your mobile phone. How does a text message find its way to your friends? How does the screen detect your touches? And how does the mobile phone know where in the world it is located?
In a fist room, Behind The Screen, a gigantic mobile is split into two. Thus allowing you to see how the touch screen detects your finger movement. In the second room, Connect, the mobile network of cell towers and telephone exchanges are turned into physical pyramids and boxes. It is up to you to combine them so that the phone calls can get through. And finally in the third room, Find Your Way, you experience the city through the sensors of the mobile phone. You now play the role of a computer chip and must remember to use both the GPS, gyroscope and compass to be able to find your way through the city.